marți, septembrie 27, 2011

Poems from a sickling

 De doua zile deja ma chinuie o raceala enervanta si sadista, cu un arsenal complet in maneca. Din pura intamplare aceasta raceala combinata cu o conversatie pe Yahoo Messenger a dezlantuit un sir de poezii micute si amuzante, (despre raceala evident).
Distractie placuta!

* Sursa imaginii

I've had four cups of tea today,
Truly amazing, if I may say,
I’ve been feeling kind of sick-ish,
That is why I’ve had four cups of tea
(and I’m not even British)

I have taken eight pills today,
Exaggerated, wouldn’t you say?
But the skin on my nose is screaming,
Irritated from all the sneezing & blowing,
sneezing & blowing and sneezing & blowing,
And I ask, where is this all going?
My head is numb, so now I wonder:
Perhaps I’ve got a minor fever?

My desk resembles a pharmacy:
Complete with hankies, pills
and a big jar of honey,
(If only you were here to savor it with me)
But tonight you sent kisses for my runny nose,
And the time is close to eleven-
And my nose tonight, is in seventh heaven.

Being sick is nobody’s pleasure,
Of that I am very sure,
-especially when you have stuff to do
But the germs don’t care about you-
Writing something was my goal,
-and I discovered-
Sometimes a fever can be a little miracle.

The bathroom means “me-time”, one would think,
People would say “yes!” and not even blink,
It is where you mostly go alone,
Your very own, personal thrown,
But there are those who follow you even there,
The tiny creatures you cannot see, nor hear
And just when your world is dearest
They decide to surprise ya’ …
Yes, they make you sneeze and for a second,
You suddenly become the “Niagara”…

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  1. =)) amazing! made you write something nice&funny! >:D< get well soon hon! :*:*