duminică, iunie 26, 2011

Leapsa - Tot in engleza - preluat de la Xaara Novack

Iviiiiil sper ca nu te superi, dar o sa dau copy-paste la intrebarile traduse de tine :-* >:D< Mi-e lene sa re-caut postarea lui Ayase :))

Here goes nothing!

1.Tell me a thing you’d love to do right now.

Go to the beach with Xaara Novack ^^

2.Last book you’ve read?

Frumoasele adormite by Yasunari Kawabata - veri complicated but good book

2.Last movie you’ve seen?

Paralel with Ivil :)) Temple Grandin

3.What are you listening to in this moment?

Jamiroquai - White Knuckle Ride

4.Tell a nice thing


5.Tell me a lie

I love this country called Romania   *face-palms self*

6.One thing about you

I recently started painting also - with more or less success

7.Red nails and high heels?
Too much for me ^^"

8.Currently reading?
Sexul Cireselor de Jeannette Winterson - wierdest book ever

9.Tell me a joke.
Knock knock

Who's there?


Who's who?

Bu hu
10.A friend you’d care to see right now?
Xaara Novack - cuz i miss her much

11.First quote that bumps in your mind
"Only Irish coffee provides in a single glass all four essential food groups:  alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and fat." - can't remember the author...sue me

12.Name three cartoons you’ve loved when you were a little kid
Tom & Jerry, Courage the cowardly dog and Diabolik (they used to show it on Fox Kids centuries ago)

13.Name two things you’d never get enough of:
Spending time with Xaara  and Motorcycling on a long empty highway - but me has no bike ^^"

14.So think you’re the only person left on Earth and there is this guy who you can’t stand. What do you do? Is just the two of you and no one else!

Hit him unconcious with a big rock, go gather in a huge fish-tank all of the most dangerous known sharks to humans and throw him in it as lunch - hopefully they won't get indigestion - ain't i sadic, just a bit?

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  1. squishyyyy! :)) it seems you can't get enough of "white knuckle ride"! (same here) I liked the quote about irish coffe. And yes, you are sadistic just a bit, and more creative then me because you described the death. ;)
    Lots of hugs and kisses!