miercuri, mai 25, 2011

Chibis - attempt in Manga

A few days ago, Ivil came across some videos from a guy named Mark Crilley, a very good manga artist who also does drawing-tutorials, on youtube. He was very good at explaining all the steps on how to draw a photo-realistic eye for example (which I also attempted to), and drawing manga characters, part by part.
Since we're currently reading an excellent manga by Nakamura Shungiku (the same author who did Junjou Romantica, if that rings a bell) named Sekaiichi Hatsukoi,  I've decided to try and sketch a couple of images from the manga. A few chibis ^^ because they're adorable, and one of the main characters named Masamune Takano or "Saga - senpai. I'm not very good at everything yet, so please bear with meee...arigato!

First: My pride and joy :))
seriously...that guy is a good illustrator for beginners.
Remember the eye - tutorial I mentioned earlier? Here's what I managed ^^
Next: A double-chibi image, funny isn't it ? :)) 

This next chibi is the second main character, by the name of Onodera Ritsu.
Have a chibi day, smexy! ^^

This is the chibi's lover in the manga ^^ Saga-senpai!

Don't throw eggs at meeeeeeeee !!!

Disclaimer: None of these characters nor images are from me, they all belong to Nakamura Shungiku.

4 comentarii:

  1. I proudly own the chibi XD They're cute. I'm glad you find them easy to do, while I, can't do them at all. I make hideous chibis, they'd look like mutant chibis, with big heads and weird expressions.
    I simply love the eye, I'm sure when you'll do eyes from now on, you'll remember some of the guidelines from that tutorial.

  2. I'm glad you like it, hon! :X:X:X
    Neah, i'm sure u'd make'em cute and funny:)) don't be so harsh on yourself.
    I love the eye too! I can re-make it now freely, but i'd have to learn to draw realistic faces also, so i'd have where to use the eyes :)) Haggu and Kissu to you too! >:D<:-*:-*:-*

  3. Waaaa! That's awesome! The chibis are so cute~ and I totally love the eye. I really think that eyes are the hardest part to draw so congrats for it!

    Gambate! >:D< :*

  4. Sankiu >:D< I think they're cute too :)) but I wouldn't know how to make one on my own :)) those ones are sketched. And the eye was surprisingly simple to do o_O I dunno...the tutorial was good. I recommand you try it: http://www.youtube.com/user/markcrilley#p/u/50/LZ9Hpp8JygI => even if you're a rookie at drawing like me, you'll manage very well. Pinky-swear ! :))

    Mersi pentru urari >:D< :-*:-*