joi, martie 31, 2011

Nescafé 3 in1 - My Obsession

Approximately 4 years ago, I was an 8th grader... high-school entrance exams on the corner, the usual bla bla. No need to say, my mom was on my head all the time about studying. Unfortunately, my house is just so agitated and noisy all the time, that learning during the daytime is simply impossible. My solution was to take up my older-sister's model, and try study at night, when the rest are asleep. To do that, I needed something to keep me awake for a few extra hours, and later that help me come to my senses. I detested energy drinks, those were out of the question. I never understood how someone could drink those...ugh.
Regular coffee was too strong for me as a beginner, so I tried some a pack of Nescafé 3 in1 Strong. Leftover from my sister, so I didn't really have a choice. It wasn't as strong as black coffee, but I still needed at least a spoon of cocoa to mix it with, and hide the taste of coffee...for me it was still too strong.
With time, I came across the Nescafé 3 in1 Original, and I must say its aroma was heavenly and still is. Ever since four years ago, I've been addicted to it. It used to be the first aroma to greet me in the dull, moodless mornings when I had to go to school, and just one sip made opening my eyes so early in the morning a lot easier. I kind of became a coffee addict ever since, today I drink both instant coffee and even normal coffee, but with milk and sugar. If I don't have at least one cup of any kind of coffee a day, I tend to get moody. :))
After some time, I found someone who enjoys Nescafé 3 in 1 Original as much as I do, and we now drink it together. She wasn't supposed to be having coffee back then, because it affected her sleep, but she cofirmed that it was too good to refuse. :))

Some weeks ago, I entered a promotion Nescafé is holding in my country, and I've been sending the codes inscripted on the back of every pack all the time since then. And one boring wednesday morning, while I was sitting in class at university, I got contacted by sms by Nescafé, saying I won a Nescafé Anti-Boredom Cup! (Anti-Boredome / Anti-Plictiseala - That's the name of their campagne this time). I was very surprised and very happy. It was the first time I won something I actually hoped for. Today, I had received it. They were very proffesional about delivering it to me. They weren't a day late, they sent it by urgent - courier, along with a contract confirming that I had received it, and the cup was very carefuly wrapped up in plastic-bubble wraping, more secure then most furniture people buy day by day =))

I liked it so much, that I couldn't help not try and paint it also ^^  Although I think the photo my partner made orginally is better than the painting I did after it, but oh well :))

Made on: A4 paper + watercolours + crayon

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  1. I like the painting! Even if it's not made by respecting measurements and strict shapes, but somewhat you made it look cool. Oh, and I like the writing on the mug :D
    Plus, keep that bamboo healthy, I wanna draw it soon also. And I like the fact that you improvise, that's a good step also.