miercuri, martie 30, 2011

Costum Noh: Nuihaku

My latest creation, inspired by a traditional Japanese Silk embroidery and gold leaf on satin on a  Noh costume, or "Nuihaku", dating back to the XIII. century. the image that inspired me to recreate this on paper can be found in the book  Japanese Art: Art in Detail - by Tomoko Sato , page 43.

I loved the autumn colors: brown, gold, orange, red and yellow used to make it, although the scanner for some reason has an issue with red :)) We don't know yet why.
I can't say I'm 100% pleased with what I achieved, but I tried making it as detailed as possible, and in according to that, I like how it came out. Maybe I'll try listen to my sensei next time, and try simpler stuff :)) Detailed paintings require time & patience...

Made using: A4 paper + watercolors, red colored pen (for the flowers and leafs) + uni-ball (eye) Needle Point pencil (UB-165 Black) produced by Mitsubushi Pencil CO.,LTD.
I really recommand this pencil for anyone trying to paint using watercolors, but the painting has a lot of detail. This pencil can be used before and even after to do the contures for example. It has very good resistence to paint, and cannot be covered by it (unless you use white paint). Arigato Japan!

2 comentarii:

  1. I love the Noh theatrical costume and the detailing. It was pretty bold for you to choose something such as this, but when you think about it, the things we like are unique and we should treasure them in our own way.
    I'd like to try something like that on! :D

  2. I'm glad you like it! ^^ And I would sure loooove to see you in something like that ;;) Ya'know, ...
    I know it was a bold move, but I couldn't help it. My eyes liked it :))