miercuri, august 25, 2010

One of my favorite ways of killing time

A couple of days ago, I had posted a recipe for a delicious drink, made using Bailey’s Original, Irish crème whiskey. I considered it a good idea, suggested by my special someone. Bailey’s Original is my favorite (alcoholic) beverage, so if I step into a bar or café, I usually prefer it when I am in the mood to drink something.

It’s a delicious crème-whiskey, smooth and sweet, perfect for an evening of relaxation. Once I had bought a box of Bailey’s original, also containing two glasses of the same brand. It was the perfect long-lasting Christmas gift I could think of back then, and we both enjoyed its content.

I must admit that I am a very picky person when it comes to foods and drinks. I haven’t had a drop of alcohol (well, not willingly) until I was 18 years old, because of two reasons: for one, I was too young. As a youngster I had witnessed what effects alcohol had upon my father, who drank beer or plum brandy on a regular basis every night, and usually became very sleepy from it and forgetful, thus resulting in many arguments between him and my mother. The second reason is an accident I had had as a child. Out of carelessness I had…well, let’s say I had “sampled” one of our family-friends’ home made peach brandy….and regretted doing so for the rest of my life. I felt like my throat was on fire, extremely dry and I could barely talk. Back then it was a trauma for me. Gimmie a break! I mean I was nearly if 10 years old.

Up until recently I had avoided alcohol as severely as possible, until my mother sort of introduced me to crème liquor. It was her favorite as well, especially the chocolate flavored one. My first sample of crème liquor was a year or so ago, it was the eggnog made by my grandmother. I figured it had to be sweet, so I just couldn’t resist its creamy texture and appealing color. When I took my first sip I instantly felt heated up from the inside, the alcohol was stinging my throat a bit, but all in all it was deliciously sweet, with a hint of vanilla… After that, my mother told me about Bailey’s Irish Crème, and from the way she described it to me, she made it sound irresistible. Oohhhh and how right she was…

I had taken the liberty of accessing their official website, http://www.baileys.com/ , the site itself fantastic and fun to use. It even offers you a wide variety of recipes to be made using all 3 (soon to be 4) kinds of Bailey’s Irish Crème. Thus, it is the source of the recipe I myself had last posted. Please be warned, if anybody wishes to enter the site they will have to confirm their home location and birth date. The site will then let you enter if you are qualified to legally consume alcohol in your country judging by your age.

Anyways, after accessing the site I had helped myself to 99.9% of their recipes, and all of them look heavenly and taste all the same. There are drinks and deserts to choose from for every occasion and season. Nonetheless, Bailey’s Irish Crème is an incredibly flexible drink that anybody may consume whether or not it is at a formal/friendly/familial occasion or simply just at home, relaxing in their favorite chair. I prefer the last one… Who needs an occasion to savor a little piece of pleasure? Neah… All I need is a cup of my favorite coffee, mildly hot with just a hint of Bailey’s mixed in it, and of course the perfect company to savor the same drink with me. Yeah…that is my favorite pastime….

Unfortunately, in my country Bailey’s Irish Crème Whiskey is being sold at a pretty high price, so it is a drink that, if bought, should be treasured carefully, and when the time is right, should be savored from the first gulp…to the very last drop.

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