marți, iunie 22, 2010

Russian Roulette

In my imagination I know a man,
Who claims he may do anything,
Simply because he can.

In my imagination he stands high,
As depicted by his creator,
On the outside looking flawless,
On the inside? Zero morale…

In my imagination he’s your modern Gangster,
But nothing like Don Corleone or the late Al Capone,
No, he walks alone in the City of Sin
And savors every minute he spends within;
But notices not as the chambers spin,
Over and over again.

In my imagination he is a misogynist and selfish,
Illusive and irrational,
As he plays the same ol’ game, day by day
Elegantly wasted, if I may say.

Each time he sets out to conquer new mountains,
Succeeding of course, he’s never off course
When his sex-drive spins out of control,
As he slams the other against the nearest wall,
The chambers of the Revolver spin, as well.

But he cares not, his ears are shut
And his heart kept locked away,
To you, Mr. Gangster, this is all I can say:

“Even though you know what’s at stake,
Every opportunity you’re given, you take.
But one faithful day when you refuse to use your head
The Revolver might decide to choose you instead.
Its bullet, however, will not pierce your head
Its bullet will pierce your most fragile part kept.

So this I must ask you, Mr. Gangster,
When that day comes, will you choose to play
As you have been day by day?

You ought to remember,
That Russian Roulette may take away,
Everything you bid in just a glance,
In turn, however, there will be
No second chance.

Are you foolish enough to die…over…and over again?”

In my imagination he ignores my words,
And carries on, to live
In the City of Sin
To savour every minute he spends within.

In my imagination I watch him go on,
As the Moon arises and the Sun sets to rest,
He continues the game
And I hear the whispered bets,
Of people asking each other:
Who will he take home next?

2 comentarii:

  1. O-okay... De ce nu am lasat un comentariu la postul asta pana acum? Oh, well...

    Am citit de cateva ori poezia asta si pur si simplu o ador! Curge atat de natural si suna atat de frumos... Totul este in armonie si... oh, I really, really like it! Ideea este, also, super. Si nu conteaza de cate ori o citesc ca imi da aceeasi stare. This really is something!

    Yeah, vroiam doar sa iti spun ca ador poezia asta. *grin* :x

    Take care! >:D< :*

  2. Awwws >:D< Mersi :-* Nu stiam ca iti place asa mult poezia ^^ n-aveam habar ca poate provoca asemenea stari =)) inseamna ca am facut ceva ceva bine pe acolo :D Mersi pentru comment! Huggies >:D<